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Why Consider Giving?

Because today's missionaries have a lot more to face than just leaving family and venturing into hostile environments

Pictures from the mission field

2020 Photo Album

In a deeply personal way I feel an image is a poem about life and love and sacrifice. There is seldom a picture that does not convey or produce an emotion that captures a moment forever.

This picture is at lunch time in the Carha mission in Haiti wher Djumy Septembre is the founder and Pastor

Recent Blog Post:

The missionary call - No plan B


When God calls - he expects an answer. You step out in faith - it's scarey! But what if you refuse to have a "plan B'? The nights can be a bit longer - but the results are out of this world!

See what our experience...

Fact: Today's churches are often in turmoil, reducing mission budgets as part of an effort to cut expenses. If a church is healthy, they may provide a small amount of financial support for the missionary, on average, only about 5% of the annual budget needed by todays' missionaries.

Reduced support for Christian missionaries literally leave them stranded without a life line. Many of these missionaries are families with children. They have forsaken all to answer the call upon their lives. It's time we helped them serve in the Great Commission. That is why Epic Missions has committed over $300,000 to build this charity. Give because you cannot go. Support us on a regular basis as we identify missionaries around the world that need your financial support. We feature them here on this site. We are growing an army of missionaries around the world because of your financial and prayer support.

What's the big expense?

Before a missionary can enter the field of their calling, there are many steps that must be completed. Here are a few:

Become debt free

Resign from their employment

Leave their families and church

Enter (and pay for) a formal training program for up to 2 years

Raise their first years' annual support prior to deployment

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Epic Missions, Inc has provided 8 years of full time service in Domestic Missions, hosting over 6,000 short term missionaries. In 2020 we made the decision to change the focus of our missions model from short term missions and instead focus on supporting full time missionaries throughout the world that needed our support.
We started this charity to provide grants to Missionaries that were in need. With Epic Missions generous donation and your continued giving we can support an army of Christian Missionaries around the world to answer God's call for their lives.

Contact us at our mailing address: PO Box 7167 Ocean Park, ME 04063
or email us at info@epicmissions.org
or call us at (toll free) 855-777-3742(EPIC)
Checks may be made payable to Epic Missions