What's The Big Deal?

With Today's Missionaries

Today's churches are often in turmoil, reducing mission budgets as part of an effort to cut expenses. If a church is healthy, they may provide a small amount of financial support for the missionary, which is, on average, only about 5% of the annual budget needed by todays' missionaries.

Before a missionary can enter the field of their calling, there are many steps that must be completed. These requirements are most often the case if the missionaries are formally trained or sent by a national missions organization:

Become debt free

Resign from their employment

Leave their families and church

Enter (and pay for) a formal training program for up to 2 years

Raise their first years' annual support prior to deployment

Pictures from the mission field

2022 Photo Album

In a deeply personal way I feel an image is a poem about life and love and sacrifice. There is seldom a picture that does not convey or produce an emotion that captures a moment forever.

This picture is at lunch time in the Carha mission in Haiti where Djumy Septembre is the founder and Pastor

Missionary Grants

Epic Missions Inc has made it a full time commitment to support Christian Missionaries around the world. Your donations to Epic Missions help make this possible.

If you are a full time Christian missionary or missionary organization, you may learn about our Grant Application process here.

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When God calls - he expects an answer. You step out in faith - it's scarey! But what if you refuse to have a "plan B'? The nights can be a bit longer - but the results are out of this world!

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